11 Best Co-Working Spaces in the Bay Area

The 415: Welcome to the Bay

The best part of working in blockchain could be getting to work remote. Given the nature of the work, it can be done anywhere, right? So make the best of your time in environments that keep you motivated, refreshed, and inspired. Working remotely from home is fun until unannounced construction begins across the street at 7:00 AM. 

If you’re a Bay Area resident or just visiting for this conference, be sure to check out these co-working spaces. For all those not based in San Francisco, don't worry, we got your areas covered too. 

1. Treehouse Society

We looked high and low and found the best blockchain co-working space in the Bay Area. Located down a tiny side street on the edge of the Financial District is the Treehouse Society.  What they lack in ostentatiousness, they certainly make up for in brainpower and networking capabilities. It's a bare-bones operation at the Treehouse Society, but everyone is super friendly, as there is a focus on Zen Buddhism here. 

2. Canopy

If great architecture and glorious interior decorating are what you need to inspire you at work, then you will want to seriously check out Canopy. The main floor is like a screenshot of mid-century decor in a Midtown advertising firm, but with less clunky appliances. Canopy does come on the higher side of membership prices, but if your clients prefer SodaStream to tap water in a mason jug, you'll be glad you got a membership at Canopy. Canopy has two locations - one in Pacific Heights and one in Jackson Square. 

3. Eco-Systm

Our personal favorite co-working space in San Francisco is the little gem Eco-Systm. It's one of the more reasonably priced co-working spaces with affordable monthly passes, or just day passes if you need to hop in and crank out a presentation. It's conveniently located in the FiDi part of town, so it's accessible to all the major transit routes in the Bay Area. It also has a ton of bike parking, which you'd think there would be more of in San Francisco.

4.  Anchor

We love talking with friends and colleagues about finding DEALS, and Anchor is the co-working space deal if you need to be in San Fran for work. It's not like the previously discussed co-working spaces where you sign up for a membership. At Anchor the monthly space fee is $250, which is one of the lowest I've ever heard of. This is another co-working space that's ideal for commuters or for those freelancers that need to meet someone in a central location; Anchor is located in FiDi steps from the BART. 

5. Breather

For the crowd-averse freelancers and coders, look into Breather, an app-based co-working space. Think of it as an AirBnB but for finding that work remote location. Browse through their map function and find available locations where you want to work for the hour, day, or week. Breather will send you a pin that unlocks the location for you. Look for a cozy house in the Castro, or an industrial loft in SoMa, and enjoy the location all to yourself. 

6. Impact Hub Oakland

This co-working space is my top pick for the entire Bay Area for blockchain people. It's in a slick post-industrial building in Oakland and gives you access to the hard-working side of freelance tech. The building is stacked with advisors to help guide you when you need help, and also with dedicated and driven young professionals looking to make their (had to say it) impact on the world. Impact Hub has other locations, but the Oakland location is by far the slickest, and won't surprise with that East Bay hospitality.

If you're not based in San Francisco or the peninsula, I completely understand why you wouldn't want to deal with the highways, the bridges, or BART's limited abilities. While it's not the mid-century decor of San Fran, The Port Workspaces definitely has a great interior designer. The numerous locations in Oakland are all in repurposed locations and supply an industrial vibe if that's what you need to get motivated. This is another $250/month DEAL for those looking to economize with their business rent expenses.

8.  WeWork - Berkeley

Berkeley certainly gives San Francisco a run for its money with its WeWork space. Don't get me wrong, some of the San Fran ones are beautiful and filled with inspirational entrepreneurs, but there's a different vibe at the Berkeley WeWork spot. It's buzzing with a bit more of an academic buzz and sports a more youthful demeanor. This is probably because it's located so close to UC Berkeley, and many of the members are alums. This location is housed in a 7-story building and packed to the gills with new art (We felt like I was at the MoMa). If you're already a WeWork member and you haven't gone yet to this location, you may need to ask why you have the membership in the first place. 

9. NextSpace - San Jose

NextSpace has three locations in NorCal, but their San Jose location is by far their best location. Right in the heart of San Jose, this location is close to all the major tech campuses that now dot the South Bay. NextSpace originally started out in Santa Cruz, and that original vibe still runs deep at this location. It is alive with creative energy, but at its heart, it's a location that brings creative people together to share in each other's work. If random strangers asking you how you're doing doesn't scare you, then check out this location. If day-passes are your jam, NextSpaces has a great rate at $25/day, which, trust us, will be better than cranking work out at a noisy Starbucks. 

10. SPACES - Menlo Park

We might be biased with this location, but any place that has a waterfront view gets a vote from us. Many South Bay & Silicon Valley co-working spaces are windowless caves, which doesn't do anyone much good. It also has these cool working areas that will make you feel like you're in a booth at a diner (but more techy and modern). This location is also a brisk walk away from Facebook and Google and located right off the main highways in this part of the Bay. Their rates are also cheaper than most office parks in the area - $380/month. 

11. Hana Haus

Most of you started reading this blog thinking the best co-working space was in San Francisco, but we are here to tell you that Hana Haus in Palo Alto takes the crown. Our love affair started with the space itself - it is both a contemporary masterpiece, but its courtyard is a throwback to the Italian Renaissance. This outdoor space will certainly get your creative juices flowing, and is also a great place to meet and connect with other blockchain people who are in the area.  This co-working space was also founded by SAP and is always swimming with smart people ready to chat.