13 Places in San Francisco We Wished Accepted Crypto

The 415: Welcome to the Bay

1. MUNI - San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency

Who carries around change anymore? It’s honestly a small embarrassment that the tech capital of the United States has a public transportation system that does not accept cryptocurrency payment. You’d think a city as “green” as San Francisco would want to expand their ridership on MUNI transportation, but they do not currently accept this type of payment.  

1 South Van Ness Avenue

2. Parking Meters - San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency

While we are harping on San Francisco’s Transportation Agency - it’s insane that you can’t pay for parking in this city with cryptocurrency. Again, who carries PHYSICAL coins around?  

11 South Van Ness Avenue

3. Lyft

The ridesharing app Lyft does not currently allow for payment through cryptocurrencies. Seems like an ideal company to look into their own type of tokens, especially if they want to seriously compete with Uber. 

185 Berry Street, #5000

4. Instacart

This grocery delivery service will deliver fresh produce straight to your door within hours of ordering, but they won’t accept crypto payments? Instacart, you can leave flyers on our doors when you start accepting crypto! 

50 Beale Street

5. SunRun

One of the largest solar companies in the United States, SunRun, has their headquarters based in San Francisco. We wish they would hurry up and tokenize solar already so renters like us can buy our energy from a clean source, rather from Pacific, Gas & Electric (PG&E).  

595 Market Street, 29th Floor

6. Anchor Brewery

We called a lot of San Francisco friends and colleagues to ask them which local San Francisco brewery was their favorite, and Anchor Brewery came out on top. If only they were to have happy hour payable by cryptocurrencies, we could pack the place for them during San Francisco Blockchain Week.  

1705 Mariposa Street

7. Philz Coffee

Coffee from Seattle is good, but Philz gives them all a run for their money. As the caffeine lifeblood of this tech city, they should already be accepting at least one cryptocurrency. C’mon Philz! 

549 Castro Street

8. AirBnB

When we think of e-commerce platforms that we already thought accepted some form of cryptocurrency, AirBnB was one of the first on the list. This digital hospitality app that connects available homes and apartments for rent with travelers seems like the perfect platform to utilize cryptocurrency. Seems pretty logical AirBnB, help us help you. 

888 Brannan Street

9. Golden State Warriors

The majority of us buy our tickets online. Think of all those seats the Golden State Warriors could fill if they allowed for cryptocurrency purchases. That goes for any Bay Area sports team.  

10. DocuSign

The OG smart contract platform doesn’t utilize cryptocurrency - why? DocuSign started in San Francisco, to eliminate physical notaries, and establish secure digital contracts. Seems like step two in their development should have been designing for digital contracts that utilize blockchain.  

221 Main Street, #1000

11. Trick Dog

While Anchor Brewery might have won the favorite brewery poll, Trick Dog came in for the favorite new cocktail bar in San Francisco. This chic bar offers crazy cocktails, but think how chicer it would be if they accepted top cryptocurrencies, ONLY.  

3010 20th Street

12. Bi-Rite

The farm to table movement wouldn’t have gotten far off the ground in San Francisco were it not for grocery stores like Bi-Rite. While their aesthetic is “barn style,” their goal of democratizing organic, local food screams progressive. Why not take it a step further and allow payment via digital assets, and expand access to your amazing produce?  

3692 18th Street

13. Sushi Time

Ranked as one of the best sushi restaurants in the United States, and our favorite sushi joint in San Francisco, Sushi Time needs to get caught up with the times and accept my digital assets as payment already. 

2275 Market Street