7 Reasons To Attend a Happy Hour During San Francisco Blockchain Week

Conference: All Things SF Blockchain Week

1. Food and Drinks Specials

First and foremost, get yourself refreshed after one of these long days! San Francisco Blockchain Week is sponsoring a happy hour every night this week, and each one is a great deal for food and drink, and access to the events themselves. The food and drink specials alone will be one of the best deals in the city this week, for your tastebuds and your wallets.  Don’t feel guilty about enjoying a crafty cocktail that took a few hours to design, while chatting with your next business partner. 

2. Meet Your Next Biz Partner

Try to be as decentralized and individual as you like, but blockchain still benefits from in-person networking via events like happy hours. One of the more practical reasons to join, getting out and meeting people who identify with the same passions and vocation that you do is not only fun and rewarding to do personally, but it's one of the best ways to connect for business reasons.  Having peer-to-peer in person communications allows for you to truly understand people, their body language, and their ideas, which allows for a variety of opportunities to get to know each other and conduct meaningful business. 

3. Improve Your Self-Marketing

Market yourself! You are your own best advocate for your business. Whether you are a developer, a business owner, an operations guy, or any other niche in the blockchain ecosystem, get out there and talk about your company and you! Attending a San Francisco Blockchain Week Happy Hour is a great idea if for no reason other than you learn how to better pitch your idea by practicing what works and what doesn't work on other people. You'll never know unless you get out and work on it.

4. Have Fun! Unwind

The days at San Francisco Blockchain Week are going to be full and filled with lots of new things your brain has to absorb. Don’t burn out early in the week because you didn’t take time for yourself at the end of an already long Fall day. Hit some happy hours to unwind at the end of the day.

5. Develop Better Communication Skills

Sometimes being thrust into uncomfortable situations is how we grow. Happy hours are always filled with people eager to talk, so brush up on your communication skills and talk to some strang...we mean new people. You can tell them about your new product, and learn what works and doesn’t work for your own speaking style.

6. Knowledge Is Power!

Learn something you didn’t know. Even though this week will be filled with a million new things to learn, talking with new people one on one is bound to teach you something new. Even if it’s not blockchain related, you are guaranteed to learn something new about the world.

7. Meet Investors

This is the number one reason to attend happy hours at conferences! Investors love to chat, and happy hours are the best events of the day to do so. The sun has gone down, all the pressure from the day is gone, and cocktails sure do lubricate conversations about value and the blockchain.