7 Touchy Subjects You Should Never Discuss With Crypto Investors

Blockchain: The Future of Connectivity

The Blockchain community has had a rough year, but the investors are the stakeholders who arguably had it the worst. With the current bear market, it’s best to avoid bringing up any of these subjects with blockchain investors. 

1. Investing History

It’s certainly okay to ask crypto investors about how much experience they have in the industry, but it’s best to avoid asking specifics. Unless you want the investor to walk away, do not ask them how much they invested, or bring up any known crypto companies that are no longer with us (RIP). 

2. Losses

Unless you’re an investor yourself, it’s best to avoid the subject of financial losses around crypto investors. It’s anxiety inducing and just plain rude to ask someone how much money they lost during a downturn in any market. 


While you might think to ask an investor what their personal strategy is regarding HODL - the industry term for holding a cryptocurrency rather than selling it - it’s a pretty touchy question to ask. (Good) investors diversify their assets, so the best ones will likely be spread out in a lot of places. If you ask an investor what their strategy is in the crypto world, you’re essentially asking them about their magic - rude!


It’s best to avoid bringing up any ‘hot’ cryptocurrency and asking why they aren’t investing in it. Known as ‘FOMO’ - fear of missing out - can trigger anxiety in a lot of people. Investors know what they want to do, and when they want to do it. Don’t ask crypto investors about why they aren't doing something, pivot and ask what they know about 'x' blockchain technology. 

5. SEC Regulations

This is a sore spot in the crypto world at the moment. While we would all love for more legitimacy from the government, thereby increasing confidence in this industry, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) currently doesn’t view the industry in the highest regard. After all, blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies are trying to decentralize the economic order, and the SEC is designed to stabilize it. Bringing up this subject may shut down any crypto investor you’re talking to - it’s just not a fun topic these days. 

6. Hacking

You’ve been warned: bring up this subject at your own peril. Talking about hacking will inherently come off negative or suspicious. While you might want to assure an investor that your product is ‘un-hackable,’ by bringing this up you’re planting a negative seed in the investors head. Stick to why your product is amazing. 

7. Crime

Whether it’s an investor or anyone in crypto, please stop bringing up criminality. While the industry already has a reputation that only criminals and hackers use it, blockchain and crypto will be the dominant economic backbone shortly. Even as a joke, you should not bring this up to a crypto investor, as they will likely think YOU’RE the joke.