7 Ways to Feel More In-The-Know About Blockchain

Blockchain: The Future of Connectivity

The world of blockchain is very intimidating to new users (and even experienced users, although they won’t admit it). The word "blockchain" itself is imposing, as it is a word that describes a digital function. To get started on understanding how blockchain works, it’s best to inundate yourself in the subject matter in the following ways. 

1. Google 'WTF is Blockchain'

The first thing we recommend doing when you don’t know much about something is to google it. This may seem childish and a very "duh" first start, but trust us, it’s a good starting point. At the very least, it’s the simplest way to get your brain moving. 

2. Watch YouTube Videos 

Blockchain isn’t the easiest thing to explain in conversation, and sometimes the smartest people are not the best messengers. This is why we recommend watching YouTube videos - it takes time to make one, and the video creators want theirs to get a lot of views. This forces them to get creative, and continue coming out with new videos about the latest updates in blockchain. 

A few tips before you dive into YouTube videos on blockchains: (1) shiny isn’t always better - the videos with high-quality graphics may look appealing, but sometimes they lack substance. (2) Do not multitask while watching - blockchain requires an alert mind, and you don’t want to miss any visuals that may appear during the video. 

We recommend checking out these youtube channels for quality blockchain videos: 

  • Chico Crypto - More of an informational channel on blockchain.
  • Crypt0 - This channel has a more interdisciplinary approach to blockchain, and has the feel of a more newsy bent. It’s curated by Omar, a crypto enthusiast who likes to discuss the future of blockchain.
  • Altcoin Buzz - If you’re looking for of a host/guest format, this channel is right up your alley. They have one of the largest audience of subscribers and routinely discuss topics I have never even heard of.

3. Follow Influencers On Twitter

One of our writers considers himself a Twitter genius, but even he had no idea that the blockchain and cryptocurrency world was as large as it is on Twitter until 2016. If you want to be "in the know" then you need to get a twitter dedicated solely to crypto and blockchains. Trust me, you’ll want a second one separate from any other handles you have - the algorithms and ads alone will drive you nuts if you do this on one Twitter handle. 

One of our favorite parts about learning more about blockchain technology is seeing how people tweet about it. There are the crazies who might as well be tweeting in WingDings, because they tweet near-illegible ramblings about ICOs and price movements. Then there are the truly mind blowing philosopher-kings like @vitalikbuterin and philosopher-queens like @laurashin. Twitter can be a black hole sometimes, but the blockchain-Twitter is not only engaging and thought provoking, some of it’s pure comedy gold. 

Twitter accounts to follow to learn more about blockchain:

  • @nathanielpopper
  • @carpenoctum
  • @ansellindner
  • @crypt0snews
  • @nathanielpopper
  • @carpenoctum
  • @ansellindner
  • @crypt0snews


We can’t stress it enough that you can’t fully grasp bitcoin from a short conversation with someone. The real meat in understanding blockchain comes from new whitepapers that get published, and from online blogs. The intellectual foundation of the blockchain technology came from a white paper published online - basically a long blog post. 

The best way to fully dive into this technology is to read some blogs about it. Since it’s a big world with lots of bloggers, the best blockchain bloggers are hyper-focused on their content and churn out meaningful, insightful, and creative blogs. Some of the industries current innovations started as thought pieces on Medium. 

Here are a few blockchain bloggers to get you started:

  • Linda Xie - Whenever I don’t understand something, I go to Linda first to see if she has written something about it.

  • Miguel Cuneta - This blog is basically Mythbusters but for blockchain related issues.

  • Victoria Smith - A news-focused blog based in San Francisco, the heart of the blockchain world.
5. Still Watch TV! 

Plenty of people will tell you that TV is an ancient medium when it comes to cryptocurrency. While it’s true that most of the valuable information about understanding blockchain and cryptocurrency is from digital media, television still serves a purpose in educating people about the real world financial implications of crypto technology. 

Yes. One of the central tenets of blockchain ideology is to disrupt traditional markets. However, traditional media does still serve a purpose in relaying how blockchain technology is affecting real-world markets. Twitter can be unreliable sometimes with price movements of cryptocurrency, and myths can spread fast online. Networks like CNBC and Fox Business are increasing their coverage about blockchain technology and are reaching large audiences. Since one of the critical components to the success of blockchain is widespread adoption, utilizing TV to discuss and disseminate information related to blockchain will be paramount. 

6. Attend Conferences

Even though the blockchain world means you never have to leave your home if you don’t want to, does that mean you should? Unless you’re a vampire, get some sunshine on your face once in a while! We highly recommend attending conferences as a way to learn more about blockchain. Not only do high profile blockchain people show up to give lectures and join discussions on emerging topics, but you also get to meet other people like you who are interested in blockchain. 

Even if your goal isn’t to network or find that investor - which are GREAT goals - attending a conference allows you to meet other people who share your interest in creating the blockchain world, and exposes you to new ideas that might not be floating around in the digital space. The world has seven billion people in it, and newsflash, less than two percent are currently interested in blockchain. 

7. Visit Our Website!

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