9 Side-Convos You'll Definitely Hear During San Francisco Blockchain Week 2018

Conference: All Things SF Blockchain Week

As you walk around the conference, the different events, and happy hours during San Francisco Blockchain Week, you're bound to hear people having these nine side conversations. Don't be a stranger, jump in if you want to chat! This week is about community engagement and discussing the latest and greatest in blockchain technology. Help further the conversation, every voice matters. 

1. The "Stable Coins - So Hot Right Now - Stable Coins" Conversation

Expect this to be the hottest topic at San Francisco Blockchain Week this year. Due to the roller-coaster year it’s been for blockchain, many believe the solution to stabilizing the market is through the creation of "stable coins." Stable coins are cryptocurrencies that are pegged to a stable asset, such as gold or a fiat currency like the United States Dollar. There are plenty of stable coins that are gaining steam, and some fresh ones about to take off.

2. The "Top Coins" Conversation

There will be plenty of talk about where the coin markets will go for the rest of 2018. Over the past week alone, Ripple (XRP) has increased its value to overtake Ether. Which cryptocurrencies will be in the top five by December 31st?

3. The "Do You Even Dapp?" Conversation

With the current bear market in blockchain having resulted from cryptocurrency's end of the industry, it's no surprise that 2018 has focused a great deal on developing blockchain more deeply. While "Dapps" - a decentralized application whose code runs on nodes all over the world - has been a central component of the blockchain industry, this year has seen the proliferation of fine-tuning Dapp development. When the investors get shy, developers dig deep, no matter the industry.

4. The "Sad Catch-Up" Conversation

Fair warning - expect to walk by a few conversations that do not look pleasant. 2018 was a rough year for our industry, and with people flying in from all over the world to San Francisco Blockchain Week, you will undoubtedly be catching up with someone about the tumultuous year we had. Be a good listener, but don't directly ask someone how much they lost, unless you're willing to accept the emotional baggage that comes with asking that question. 

5. The "Need for Speed" Conversation

Another focus of the blockchain this world has been focusing on increasing transactional speeds on the blockchain. It's no surprise that this is a focus, given the focus on "proving the doubters wrong." If blockchain technology is to succeed globally, we need to exceed investors expectations. The best way to do this is by increasing the capability of the entire network. If you hear others talking about how Ethereum and others are attempting to increase speed on the chain and lowering fees, listen closely. 

6. The "E-commerce" Conversation

One of our favorite trends we've seen this year has been the proliferation of e-commerce and blockchain partnerships. Walmart, FedEx, Amazon, and others are all looking to join the blockchain train, as they see the possibilities of utilizing a verifiable, decentralized network of digital transactions. Since the adoption of blockchain technology requires an increase in users, e-commerce is one of the easiest and quickest ways to get to the first 100 million blockchain users. 

7. The "Is Steve coming back?" Conversation

A major scion of tech may be jumping back into blockchain. For the second half of this summer, there have been rumors that Steve Wozniak is going to begin investing again in cryptocurrencies and blockchain companies. Steve is a household name in the United States and much of the world, so his endorsement and his brains will be welcomed in the blockchain community.

8. The "Blockchain for X" Conversation

Since the last nine years of blockchain focused heavily on designing the framework of blockchain, and the proliferation of coins, it's about time that the industry focused on the practical applications for blockchain. This year, everything from health care to hospitality is diving into blockchain. A central promise of blockchain is to increase efficiency in systems and operations, so it seems like a no-brainer that most of the global economy would want to get in on this technology. You will hear people talking about various applications such as "the blockchain for food delivery" or "blockchain for affidavits."    

9. The "Winter Is Coming" Conversation

When most people hear the word "regulation" in this part of the economy, it's usually with an air of disdain. Approach these conversations though with a sense of calm; hysteria is no friend to blockchain folk. Also, a little regulation would at the least shore up the legitimacy of the industry and weed out some of the bad actors who want nothing more than to make a quick buck. If blockchain is to indeed revolutionize the global economy, some sense of regulation will need to happen.