9 Videos To Help You Finally Understand Blockchain

Blockchain: The Future of Connectivity

I admit, the first time I heard about "the blockchain" a few years ago, I thought it was a remix of Fleetwood Mac's "The Chain." When my friend laughed in my face, I knew I couldn't see her again until I learned more about what she dubbed "the trustworthy internet on steroids." I went home and looked for anything that would help explain blockchain. Below are a few of the videos I watched to understand how blockchain works, and a few new ones I found that are also very useful. You could ask a friend, but these videos will likely be more fruitful. 

1.  Bitcoin Currency for Beginners 💰

If you're at step one on cryptocurrencies and the blockchain, Shameless Maya has you covered. This is the video link I send out to friends (and my grandmother) when they ask what it is that I do for work.

2. New Kids on the Block

This is the best TEDx Talks that I have been able to find, and understand. Lorne Lantz is a wiz on blockchain, but is one of the better speakers on the technology. He slows down the concept and consistently introduces metaphors and real-life examples of how this technology works. 

3. Cryptocurrencies: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

I have to admit that this was the first video I watched after my friend made fun of me. John Oliver from "Last Week Tonight" takes a deconstructionist view in explaining blockchain and cryptocurrencies. This video does a good job of explaining the basics of blockchain, its benefits to the global economy, and some of the pitfalls of the market.  It's a 25-minute video, but if your learning style is listening to a self-deprecating English comedian, then be sure to check out this video. 

4. Blockchain expert explains one concept in 5 levels of difficulty

My grandfather (78 years old) asked me on the phone this summer to "explain blockchain to him as if he was five years old." Speaking to five-year-olds is not my expertise - I much prefer adults - so I sent him this video I saw on Wired. The video does a fantastic job of scaling up the understanding of blockchain, from child all the way to expert. 

5. Bitcoin: How cryptocurrencies work

This video is for all of those visual learners out there (me) who need visuals to understand things. This video by SciShow has great graphics that break down the complexity of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. I also like the narrator, who slows things down a bit and uses words that aren't intimidating. 

6. How Bitcoin Works in 5 minutes (technical)

We recommend viewing this video if you already understand the framework of what cryptocurrency and blockchain are. It's a quick tutorial about the mechanics of blockchain from CuriousInvestor. Even if this video proves to be a challenge to absorb, just listening to the terms once will at least open your brain up to the vocabulary of this technology. It's a quick video - as far as blockchain videos go - so if you're strapped for time, check out this video.

 7. Why blockchain matters more than you think!

ColdFusion is one of the best educational video platforms out there. We recommend this video because it dives deep into the practical applications of blockchain technology, and how it's already being used in everyday life. 

8. Understanding the blockchain in 2 minutes

If you're having a debate with someone about technology and they bring up blockchain, and you have no idea what blockchain is, excuse yourself to the restroom and watch this video quickly. Institute for the Future made this quick video with lots of engaging graphics to keep your attention focused for two minutes. 

9. The best documentary ever: The Bitcoin Phenomenon

For those of you that got all the way through these videos and are still stumped, we recommend blocking out 45 minutes at the end of your day to watch SQ1.tv's documentary on Bitcoin. It will explain how the entire concept of blockchain started, and then build into what it actually is. Sometimes, viewing the entire issue from a historical lens is the best way to fully conceptualize an idea.