Earn Crypto for Playing Games? Blockchain Video Games Make it Possible

Blockchain: The Future of Connectivity

One of the many great applications of blockchain technology is the ability to alter and enhance the video game landscape. Virtual currencies alone create a new dimension for gamers, and that’s only one potential use case.

The video game market is huge. Did you know that the market for skins alone is valued in the billions (skins are like special outfits for characters that players must pay for)?

The total video game market was worth $138 billion in 2018.

The first and most famous blockchain game, crypto kitties, saw millions of dollars worth of ETH tokens changing hands because of cute cat images. And this is a very simple implementation of blockchain video games - people can “breed” and trade kitties, that’s all. 

But what if blockchain video games could be something greater? 

Blockchain Video Games - What Can They Do?

The most exciting and often-talked about feature of blockchain video games is the ability to implement a virtual currency. Digital tokens can replace in-game currency and have real-world value. 

For example, World of Warcraft gold already has real-world value, as does the in-game currency in other popular MMORPG games. 

But as all gamers know, there’s much more to gaming than just earning tokens and buying items. There are clans and guilds, forums where players interact, websites for different games and their guilds, mobile apps, voice chat apps, and more. 

Can blockchain help every aspect of gaming both inside and outside of the games themselves? Enjin thinks so. 

Enjin Lets Anyone Create Blockchain Video Games

Enjin provides a modular platform that allows anyone to explore the blockchain frontier. Using Enjin, blockchain can be integrated in a matter of hours without even writing a single line of code. 

There are already dozens of blockchain video games that have been created on the Enjin network. 

19 million gamers use the Enjin network for cool features like:

  • Creating a clan, guild, or esports website

  • Building a Minecraft server website

  • Creating forums, mobile apps, and social profiles

  • Setting up a donation store

And much, much more. 

Enjin is more than just a way to make games cooler. It’s an all-service blockchain video game platform designed to let gamers take control of their virtual destiny. 

For example, using fungible tokens, Enjin lets you create in-game currencies that can be backed by the ENJ cryptocurrency, giving the currency real-world value. By playing a game with an ENJ-backed currency, gamers can earn money as they level up and achieve superstar status in the game’s universe. 

That universe can be scaled to infinity, too. Efinity, Enjin’s sidechain instant token scaling network, allows for the construction of a cryptoverse few could begin to imagine.   

In the end, Enjin is a gamer’s dream come true. Don’t let anyone tell you playing games is a waste of time. The real world and the virtual world are merging, and blockchain video games demonstrate this fact more than anything.