The Future Lies in a Decentralized Virtual Reality

Blockchain: The Future of Connectivity

Virtual reality (VR) has taken the world by storm. Once a futuristic fringe concept, VR continues to redefine what it means to interact with the virtual environment. 

Augmented reality (AR) games have gained huge popularity in recent years. Remember the Pokemon Go craze? 

It was hard to go anywhere without seeing someone playing it, or to avoid talking about it with almost anyone. Now we even have games like AirCoins where users hunt for cryptocurrency in their part of the world. 

But these games don’t involve any real immersion into the potential of blockchain technology. They just create images on a smartphone when you point it in the right direction in the right location. 

What if you could experience a new reality altogether? What if this new virtual reality incorporated the decentralized paradigm offered by blockchain? And what if you were offered the chance to create almost anything within this new dimension?

Decentraland: A Virtual Reality Based on Blockchain

Decentraland is a “virtual world owned by its users.” This world exists independent of any outside authority or centralized control mechanism.

Decentraland is a game unlike any other. In Decentraland, you purchase plots of LAND that you can build upon and monetize. Plots of LAND are non-fungible digital assets. Players have the ability to create anything from gambling services to applications on their LAND. 

Groups of LAND comprise Estates and Districts. Districts can adopt a theme (e.g., crypto enthusiasts might create a District for crypto services and apps) and users can vote on District issues through Agora, Decentraland’s voting dApp. Users with more LAND carry more weight when it comes to voting.   

All of this takes place within a three-dimensional world that is owned by everyone. 

Decentraland and MANA

Decentraland has a cryptocurrency token called MANA. MANA is used to purchase LAND and is the currency used to purchase goods and services inside Decentraland. When a user buys a plot of LAND, Decentraland burns the MANA that was used in the purchase.

The most expense plot of LAND went for 2,000,000 MANA in March of 2018, or about $175,000 at the time. Purchases like this demonstrate the potential for a decentralized universe to grow and evolve so that it can be enjoyed by everyone.

The Decentraland World is a Budding New 3D Universe

Decentraland is being built up by LAND owners at this very moment. Once everything is established, you’ll have the ability to experience Decentraland on your computer, smartphone, or VR headset

Because of blockchain technology, a free and open marketplace can exist inside of a free and open digital universe. Games, applications, digital shareables and more can all be created and shared. Thanks to Decentraland, a brand new dimension of virtual reality has been born.