5 Reasons Steemit is Better Than Other Social Networks

Blockchain: The Future of Connectivity

Steemit is one of the fastest-growing online communities. It began in 2016 and has grown to over 7 million users in just three short years. 

You may be wondering: why should I care? What makes this thing so great, and why have millions already migrated to this new blockchain-based social media network?

Here are five reasons Steemit is better than other social networks. 

User Rewards

Let’s begin with the obvious. Steemit rewards users for creating and curating content. 

What would you rather do? Contribute to a centralized corporation’s profits by posting content and getting nothing in exchange? Or contribute to a decentralized network and have a chance to earn cryptocurrency while doing it?

On Steemit, users earn STEEM tokens for creating content that others like and for curating content created by others. That means posting, commenting, and voting. 

While most users don’t make much in terms of currency, some users have created a nice side hustle for themselves. And user rewards are only one aspect of Steemits’ awesomeness. 


Steemit uses markdown, allowing for a degree of customization not possible on other social networks (except for Reddit, which also uses markdown). 

Steemit is like a blog, a forum, Facebook, and Twitter all rolled into one. Your posts go on your blog and your feed is made up of the most recent posts from the blogs of people you subscribe to. 

You can also select categories just as you would select hashtags on Twitter. Your posts all need to have at least one category and can have up to five. The more posts you create and the more upvotes they get, the higher your reputation goes.


Steemit has a reputation score. All users start at 25. The more positive content you contribute, the higher your score rises. If you spam, scam, plagiarize, or harass, then you get downvoted and your reputation falls.

This simple metric lets you know if someone has good intentions or not. As you collect Steem Power and level up your reputation, you establish yourself as a productive member of the Steemit community. 


The Steemit community is like no other. Simply put, there has never been a more supportive and enthusiastic collective of online community participants since the early days of MySpace and Facebook.

Part of this is due to Steemit’s built in reputation rating and rewards system. But a bigger part of it is (in my opinion) due to the fact that Steemit is a first-of-its-kind crypto social network that just keeps growing. 

It might also have something to do with the fact that Steemit users don’t have to tolerate anywhere near the amount of spam and trolls that users of other social networks do, making Steemians a happier group overall. 

Reduced Spam

In today’s social media world, we are plagued with spam, scams, trolls, and bots. It’s probably become a habit for most people to have to block at least one fake account every week on each of their social media profiles. 

On Steemit, however, this is much less of a concern. The reason involves everything we have just mentioned - namely the reputation, rewards, and community aspects.

Steemit users have every incentive to do things that will earn them upvotes. And no one is going to upvote a scammer, spammer, or a troll. So, those people get downvoted into oblivion and become irrelevant. Their comments sink to the bottom of any threads they bother. They don’t gain any additional Steem Power, making it harder for them to post as often. 

Ditch Your Old Social Network for Steemit

Let’s face it. Your old network can’t measure up to Steemit

You’ve been posting, sharing, and liking for what seems like centuries, all for zero reward. Your posts are limited by the network’s automatic features instead of letting you markdown your content yourself with partial coding capabilities. The only user reputation you can decipher has been your amount of friends or followers. And the community has been all over the place and filled with trollers, spam, and scams. 

Thankfully, Steemit represents the opposite of all of these things. And it’s waiting for you now.