You Better Be Following These Blockchain Influencers, or Else...

Visionaries: Blockchain Agents of Change

There's a lot going on in the world of blockchain. How can you possibly keep up on all of the latest developments?

Fortunately, quite a few interesting people have made it their mission to bring you all the best blockchain information on a regular basis. 

Here are the top 16 blockchain influencers of 2018 and where to follow them. 

1. Crypto Bobby

Crypto Bobby is “just an average dude who likes learning about crypto and investing.” He has been featured in Forbes, Fortune, and Bloomberg.

2. Data Dash

Data Dash has over 300k subscribers on YouTube and is considered one of the biggest crypto influencers of 2018.

3. Sira Jraval 

Sira Jraval focuses on blockchain as it applies to artificial intelligence. His articles cover topics such as decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) being able to replace existing governments.

4. HackDroid Crypto

With nearly 24 thousand YouTube subscribers, HackDroid Crypto covers the latest and greatest crypto stories every week.

5. Crypto Love

Crypto Love won the 2018 Crypto Influencer Award. The site and social media accounts are dedicated to helping people learn about crypto and how to trade it.

6. Chris Dunn

Chris Dunn owns a company called Skill Incubator that aims to “help people thrive in today’s economy.” He has been featured on CNBC, Business Insider, Fox News, and more.

7. Ready Set Crypto

Ready Set Crypto is all about learning how to trade the cryptocurrency markets. Their free ebook is entitled, “How to Make Your First Million With Cryptocurrency.”

8. Crypto Daily

Crypto Daily is a UK-based crypto news site that covers the latest happenings within the crypto space.

9. Ivan on Tech

Ivan on Tech simplifies blockchain in his entertaining speeches

10. Ran Neu Ner - CNBC Crypto Trader

The host of CNBC Africa’s “Crypto Trader,” Ran Neu Ner has earned his title as a crypto influencer.

11. Crush Crypto

Founded by Victoria Wong, Crush Crypto is one of the first Digital Asset Array Managers. They also have a free ICO guide.

12. Adam Levine 

Adam Levine is the founder of the "Let’s Talk Bitcoin" podcast, the LTB Network, and Tokenly. 


13. Jason Appleton

Jason Appleton, aka the “Crypto Crow,” was nominated as one of crypto’s best coin analysts.

14. Doug Polk

Doug Polk is a pro poker player turned crypto influencer. His YouTube channel has amassed over 200 thousand followers.  

15. Matthew Aaron

Matthew Aaron won the Crypto Influencer award in 2018 for the podcast category. 

16. Laura Shin

Laura Shin is Senior Editor of the Unchained podcast for Forbes.