These 5 Blockchain Projects Are Freaking Insane

Blockchain: The Future of Connectivity

Some days it seems like everyone and their grandmother is coming out with a new blockchain technology. With so much innovation going on though, most are bound to be pretty standard or duds. These five blockchain companies though are so freaking insane we may have screamed out loud the first time we heard about them. Seriously, every single one.

OMF: The First Blockchain Integrated Music Festival

Brought to you by SingularDTV, OMF is the world’s first music festival designed with blockchain at the core of the fan experience. They have designed a rewards system to engage fans and artists alike. If rewarding fans with tokens they can use for future events is wrong, hey we don’t want to be right.  

Zilliqa: The Next Generation, High Throughput Blockchain Platform

A lot of blockchain startups claim to be the ‘next best thing,’ but Zilliqa can actually take this title. This was the first public blockchain created to conduct sharding, which allows for a linear blockchain to scale.  

Oasis Labs: Privacy-preserving Smart Contracts at Scale

When we say people are freaking out about Oasis Labs, it’s because they are a privacy-first cloud computing platform on blockchain. Historically, blockchain was attractive because of it’s transparency - every transaction was visible! But as the ecosystem moves towards discovering practical applications for blockchain technology, privacy turned out to be not so bad after all. Think healthcare records, your photo library, legal documents; anything in your life you want private can be secured through Oasis.  

Cred: Microinvest in Cryptocurrencies

In the same way that micro-financing opened up capital markets to less developed economies years ago, Cred will democratize cryptocurrencies globally. It will allow anyone to invest from their phone into blockchain and crypto technologies. Their phone app also has one of the best UX we have ever seen from a blockchain technology. 

Follow My Vote: The Online Voting Platform of the Future

After the 2000 United States Presidential Election fiasco, voting was supposed to get a reboot and become more secure and user-friendly. Instead, the powers at being carelessly and foolishly smashed together ‘reforms’ on voting, essentially making democracy easier to hack. Follow My Vote seeks to use the blockchain to secure voting once for all, and ensure democracy isn’t corrupted by outside forces.